Ans:To make withdraw, you must need to add trade password, which can be done from member panel from "Security" menu (https://cryptodao.com/security/trade-password). Just click on "Modify" to add Trade Password. Trade Password is required by default to do trade on our Standard Trade Platform, and its not required in Professional Trade Platform. To deactivate it, you need to click "Config" from "Security" menu.

Q-2:Account Security

Ans:We suggest all user to activate Google Authenticator and Trade Password to keep account secured, and every month change of current password.

Q-3:Mobile Authentication

 Ans:Its Still in Alpha mode, we still do not activate its full function. It not required to activate. Soon we will activate its full function.

Q-4:How to make withdraw from CryptoDAO?
Ans: Firstly you need to add your withdrawal/payout wallet address by below way. To add any wallet you can directly visit below link(Change XXX with Any coin Ticker):


EXAMPLE: https://cryptodao.com/financial/withdraw-account/CDO

Or below way, after adding payout/withdrawal address, make withdrawal request, it will be process after system approval

Q-5: How long does it take for Deposit appear on Balance?

Ans: For any COIN, required min 1-3 Network confirmation to appear on Account Balance automatically.And for any ASSET/TOKEN deposit, it verified by account admin and credited to account.On working times(9 A.M. to 11 P.M. UK time), it takes only few min and other times upto few hours.

Q-6: How long does it take for Withdraw balance?

Ans: After making withdrawal, it goes account section for Manual approval. On working times(9 A.M. to 11 P.M. UK time), it takes only few min and other times upto few hours.* For Bitcoin withdrawal min fees is 0.0005 for other 0.0001-0.00025. So when you will make any withdrawal, make withdrawal amount minus that fees.

Q-7: Error,BUG,any other issues?

Ans: If you found any error, or got any account related issues, write us email ( admin@cryptodao.com ) or chat with our live support.

Q-8: How to cancel pending order?

Ans: After login, just click this link, then you will find all pending order. Which you can cancel at any time: https://cryptodao.com/trade/order

Q-9: How to reset trade password?

Ans: After login, just click this link to reset trade password. Reset Link: https://cryptodao.com/security/trade-password-forgot

Q-10: E-mail verification/Pass reset

Ans: E-mail verification not actually required. Because all withdrawal processed by our acount section. But still you can do email verification. Sometimes it could take more than as usual to receive E-mail verification link/Pass reset link. If you do not receive within 15 min, then contact with our live support or send us email to: admin@cryptodao.com

Do not try few times, it make more email load.